Benefits Plan Compliance

Ensuring Your Benefits Plan is Legal

There are countless rules and regulations governing employee benefit plans. Our expert team will help ensure that you are meeting your compliance obligations. We stay up-to-date, and will inform you of any laws or regulations that may affect your employee benefit program. Our compliance consulting services include:

Review of Current Legislation
Successful companies stay abreast with any developments and regulations at both State and Federal levels to ensure that their employee benefit plans remain productive, beneficial and compliant. We help companies stay informed of changes or new legislation via newsletters, educational services and seminars.

SPD and Form 5500 Audits

The best benefit plans require SPD audits, a certificate notification explaining coverage to employees, and Form 5500 audits, a retirement process that may be required by the IRS. Industry leading companies recognize the importance to comply with guidelines pertaining to these audits. 

Monthly Compliance Updates

The best companies provide monthly compliance reports to HR for their resource library. The Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA) governs all health and employee benefit plans and requires that changes, updates or new regulations be made available. We retain an ERISA attorney, who provides legal advice, opinion and direction on the appropriate procedures to remain compliant.

HIPAA and Medicare Part D Compliance
Two of the most prevalent health benefit changes today are the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Medicare Part D. HIPAA standards require specific documentation and privacy. In addition, Medicare Part D, a Federal program, subsidizes prescription costs, but has many restrictions to qualify.

COBRA and FMLA Assistance 

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and COBRA coverage are two significant regulations impacting employee benefit plans. We make it easier to facilitate both by providing an informative kit along with web-based resources for HR to engage and handle all compliance administration.

Commonly Used Terms

In COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Medicare Part D and Section 125 administration.

A Community of Knowledgeable Colleagues 
From all over the country to share resources and information via the Community’s interactive forum.

Legislative Briefs
The Capitol Group is happy to provide our clients with the exclusive Legislative Brief publication that summarizes recent federal legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits.

These informative documents are researched and written in an easy-to-read manner by experienced benefits attorneys and staff members, and cover all the new developments that impact your programs.

Legislative Brief’s are released on a regular basis to company management and plan administrators as often as necessary due to specific changes and developments to employee benefit programs.