Pharmacy Benefits

Maximizing Pharmaceutical Benefits

Our Understanding of Your Needs
Pharmacy benefits have become one of the most high-profile areas of employee health plans, from both an economic and a member desirability and satisfaction standpoint. What's more, the pharmacy arena is highly complex, and many brokers do not have the time or special expertise needed to give their clients' pharmacy benefits or pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) the attention they need. The Capitol Group is a rare exception. 

Our Approach to Meeting Your Needs: ZywaveRx™ 
ZywaveRx™ was formed by leveraging the buying power of a nationwide network of employee benefits brokers, including The Capitol Group. 

ZywaveRx™ lets you compare your current pharmacy benefits manager to two leading national PBMs – Express Scripts and Systemed. With ZywaveRx™, The Capitol Group can provide you with access to exclusive, extremely favorable terms for your pharmacy benefits.

The highlights of the ZywaveRx™ program include zero dollar administrative fees, low dispensing fees, deep pharmacy discounts, and aggressive rebates. Using ZywaveRx's™ exclusive online savings calculators, The Capitol Group can compare your current PBM, Express Scripts, and Systemed to determine the most cost-effective program for you.