Coverage Review

Implement Protocols, Procedures and Checklists to Eliminate Errors

Exposure and Coverage Reviews
A complete review ensuring accuracy
Businesses have many complex exposures to address and hundreds of options to consider. It is important that the process be organized. We review a company's risk management profile by utilizing exposure and coverage review checklists to ensure effective analysis.

Experience Rating and Modification Analysis
Strategic analysis to locate errors
Workers' Compensation premiums are adjusted according to claims and payroll history. Inadequate or incorrect information can cause errors in the promulgation of the experience modification factor. The Capitol Group reviews loss and payroll data to verify that the experience mod is accurate.

Classification Analysis
Eliminating problems before they arise
The work description for each employee is an important factor when calculating Workers' Compensation premiums. Although all companies use a standard classification system, The Capitol Group provides tools and resources to eliminate errors before they occur.

Mid-Year Review
A check-up to stay on track
Industry leadersstay in tune with the marketplace by scheduling a mid-year review. The purpose is to revisit the exposures associated with each business, as well as to solicit in-depth feedback regarding the overall service that The Capitol Group is providing.

Benchmark Comparisons
If you don't measure it, you can't change it! 
A company's historical insurance data holds a wealth of information. We help companies interpret complex information and then compare their data to the current marketplace.