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General Liability Insurance
General Liability for Business and Industry

Coverage for liability that arises out of the conduct of an organization. Subject to its exclusions and conditions, general liability insurance covers a wide range of liability loss exposures faced by most organizations. This could cover premises and operations exposures arising out of the location of the business, and also products and completed operations to cover damage from defective products or operations performed. Other related coverages may also fall under general liability insurance.

Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Insurance & Benefits

Workers’ Compensation is best defined in two parts:
Part One - Workers' Compensation insurance agrees to pay the benefits required under the Workers’ Compensation law. The employee’s injury or illness must arise out of and in the course of employment. Once this has been established, the employer is legally obligated to pay the required benefits for that injury, including medical costs and lost wages (up to statutory limits). Such awards are granted without regard to fault or negligence on the employer’s part. 

Part Two - Employer's Liability insurance provides coverage for an employer’s legal liability to employees not covered by the Workers’ Compensation law. When the injury or illness is outside the scope of Workers’ Compensation law, the employee retains the right to sue the employer under common law. However, the employer is protected by three common law defenses: Assumption of Risk, Contributory negligence and Negligence of a fellow employee.

Automobile Insurance
Automobile Liability & Physical Damage

Automobile Insurance is divided into two parts: Liability and Physical Damage.

Automobile liability - consists of a legal responsibility for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of autos. In this context, autos can be described as cars, trucks and trailers. 

Automobile physical damage - responds to property loss exposures. Basically, three automobile physical damage coverages are available under the business auto form: 

    Collision - The insurer agrees to pay for a direct and accident loss or damage to a covered auto or its equipment by collision of a covered auto with another object or overturn of the covered auto. 

    Comprehensive – The insurer agrees to pay for loss to a covered auto or its equipment resulting from any cause except collision or overturn and subject to certain exclusions. Specified causes of loss – The insurer agrees to pay for loss to a covered auto or its equipment caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft, windstorm, hail, earthquake, flood, mischief or vandalism.

Towing and labor coverage can be included under the physical damage portion of the automobile insurance policy.

Propery Insurance
Business Insurance for Property & Equipment

Property Insurance protects the physical property and equipment of a business against loss from theft, fire or other perils; all-risk coverage covers against all risks, named-peril coverage covers only against specific perils named in the policy.

Property insurance policies are a form of indemnity in which the insurer undertakes to make the insured whole again after suffering a loss. The policy may state the specific compensation payable in the event of loss or damage or the policy will normally pay the intrinsic value of the insured object taking into account any appreciation or depreciation on the original cost. Property insurance policies usually have a maximum sum, or policy limit, for which the insurers are liable.

Captives & Alternative Risks
The Ability to Turn Premium Payments into Profits

Alternative Risk Marketplace
Staying ahead of the program
The alternative risk marketplace is advancing more rapidly than its traditional counterpart. More than 50% of U.S. premiums are written in some form of an alternative risk program. The Capitol Group has remained on the cutting edge by introducing clients to a variety of alternative risk options.

Group Captives

A strong and growing concept
The Capitol Group has developed a core competency in the area of captives, with a particular focus on group captives. These groups have experienced excellent results since inception.

Group Captive Participation Benefits
In a captive, companies gain the ultimate level of ownership and control:
• Professional partners are hand-selected by captive owners 
• Captive members control how their specific claims are managed 
• Loss control services are customized to meet members’ needs and reduce risk 
• New members are identified and approved (or vetoed) by captive owners

Financial/Wealth Options and Flexibility
    • Insurance profits are tax-deferred to the shareholder

Reduced Overall Costs

    • Contributions are based on each company’s expected losses 
    • Premiums are likely to be more stable from year to year 
    • The ability to retain investment earnings and underwriting profit 
    • Fixed costs are controllable and can be reduced 

Improved Insurance Program
    • Enhanced coverage, marketability and cost control 
    • Forum for exchange of ideas; learn from members’ experiences 
    • No surprises in the renewal process; no bidding upheaval

Industries Represented:
• Food Manufacturers & Distributors 
• Metal Manufacturers 
• Transportation 
• Sanitation 
• Construction Product Supplier 
• Heavy Equipment Dealers 
• Hotel Properties 
• Convenience Stores

Highlights & Features – Group Captives
    • Premiums are developed based on each individual’s actuarial loss history 
    • Lower overall fixed costs Group purchasing power 
    • Market fluctuations are minimized 
    • Each member retains 100% of any underwriting profits + investment income 
    • Networking and exchanging of ideas with peer companies 
    • Customized claim/risk control services and heightened safety awareness 
    • Reduction in the amount of time involved in the annual renewal process

Executive Liability
Liability Insurance for Directors & Officers 

While I look after the corporation, who looks after me?
As an officer or director of a company, you undoubtedly spend time making sure your corporate risks are protected.

How much time do you spend making certain that you are protecting yourself?
With the litigious nature of society today, many businesses have felt an upswing in lawsuits and actions. Directors and Officers are particularly vulnerable, because their personal assets can actually be exposed.

Lawsuits can come from a wide array of sources: Clients, Competitors, Creditors, Employees, Government, M&A Parties, Shareholders and Vendors.

According to Tillinghast-Towers Perrin D&O surveys: 

    • 64% of claims brought against private companies were brought by shareholders and other third parties, while 25% were brought by employees. 
    • Defense costs can be significant, ranging from $100,000 to nearly $2,000,000. Claim frequency and severity have continued to increase.

    • According to the 2005 Chubb Private Company Risk Survey, 26% of the companies had experienced a D&O-related event in the past five years. These events included the company and/or its directors and officers being sued by a customer, government or regulatory agency, vendor, partner or other shareholder.

    Size of Company Percent that experienced D&O event:
    25-49 employees 20%
    50-249 employees 31%
    250 or more employees 39%

    For the companies in the 2005 Chubb Private Company Risk Survey that had experienced a D&O liability lawsuit in the past five years, the average reported loss (settlement, judgment, and legal costs) was $308,475.

    • Identifies exposures to risk 
    • Identifies correct insurance coverage to purchase 

    The current world of “Executive, Financial and Professional Liability” is one that no privately-held company should take lightly. Claims, large and small, are filed everyday by current, former and prospective employees alleging employment practices related wrongdoings. From failure to promote and sexual misconduct to wrongful termination and gender discrimination, these alleged claims are growing in popularity. Contact The Capitol Group at (800) 527-0669 to learn more about potential risks.

    International Insurance
    Facilities Overseas Demand the Same High Quality Care as They Do in the United States

    Team Building

    The key to any program is having the right people
    An important step is to first identify quality insurance brokers in non-U.S. countries who offer the same high-level of service as is customary in the U.S. The Capitol Group has access to more than 500 of the leading privately-held insurance brokers overseas.

    Risk Assessment
    Clearly identify the needs for locations around the world
    For a multi-national, the intricacies of a comprehensive insurance program can be overwhelming. A thorough analysis of potential exposures is critical, along with developing strategies to address those needs. 

    Local Insurance Placements
    Keeping partners close provides valuable access
    Working with local partners allows The Capitol Group the benefit of intimate market knowledge. This ensures access to financially- sound insurers, the most comprehensive coverages, and the highest level of service, in addition to competitive pricing. 

    Clear Communication
    Staying in the loop ensures long-term stability
    Industry leaders utilize their home office to maintain control of all non-U.S. risk management programs. The proper use of non-U.S. brokers around the world and establishing clear lines of communication are essential to ensuring long-term stability of the entire organization.

    International Capabilities
    Whether a company imports, exports or sets up physical operations overseas, new risks emerge that can potentially impact the entire organization. Often, it is left up to the foreign subsidiaries to secure their own insurance programs, which generally do not align with the risk management strategies of the parent company in the U.S. This can result in coverage gaps, inadequate policy limits and non-compliance with foreign laws. 

    To address these risks, The Capitol Group’s International Practice provides global expertise to companies with complex needs and limited resources on a level historically only provided to the largest multi-national conglomerates. Our international capabilities and experiences ensure that your entire business is protected, wherever in the world you operate.

    National Accounts
    Experience From Global Brokers and Risk Managers

    The Capitol Group's National Accounts Division is a team exclusively dedicated to servicing the needs of organizations with a cost of risk exceeding $1 million annually. Our expert team is dedicated to maximizing the business potential of our clients; we specialize in customized insurance and risk management services, and in lowering a firm's Total Cost of Risk.

    The Capitol Group's National Accounts team differentiates us from other brokerages through our expertise in large-program management, underwriting and service experience. Our strategies and approach are innovative. Organizations with complex insurance needs know that it is not just about providing insurance products. It is also crucial to develop an insurance and risk management strategy, along with a team that knows and understands the process.

    Surety Bonds
    A Leading Writer of Fidelity and Surety Bonds

    Surety Bonds
    As a leading writer of fidelity and surety bonds, The Capitol Group has access to a wide spectrum of bond programs from the nation's finest sureties. We find surety solutions for thousands of organizations, including contractors that need to maximize their surety credit. By providing astute financial counsel, we positively impact our clients' credit levels and offer solutions that make our clients more attractive surety risks.

    Contract Surety 
    The Capitol Group works with both general and sub-contractors, such as electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, paving contractors, underground contractors, civil contractors, and more. Bid, Performance, and Payment bonds require an evaluation of business credit and personal credit, financial strength, and a consistent track record of profitability. At The Capitol Group, we help maximize the amount of surety credit contractors can obtain. 

    Bonds Available:

    • Bid Bonds 
    • Bonds for Job Order Contracts 
    • Payment Bonds
    • Performance Bonds 

    We provide extensive contract review and consultation, providing manufacturers with peace-of-mind when facing complex supply contracts. We are very familiar with Supply Bond requirements and provide Customs Bonds for the import and export of products.

    Bonds Available:
    • Bid Bonds 
    • Customs Bonds
    • ERISA Bonds
    • Supply Bonds 

    Commercial Surety
    Commercial Surety bonds include financial guarantee bonds, license & permit bonds, and various miscellaneous state and municipal bonds. At The Capitol Group, we have expertise with numerous types of bonds related to various industries in every state.

    Bonds Available:
    • Check Casher Bonds 
    • Court Bonds 
    • ERISA Bonds
    • Financial Guarantee Bonds 
    • License and Permit Bonds 
    • Money Transmitter Bonds 
    • Municipal Bonds 
    • Public Official Bonds 
    • Medicare Bonds

    Claims Advocacy
    A True Advocate Capable of Settling Claims Disputes and Resolving Problems

    Claims Advocacy
    Aggressively engaged in the claims process
    The Capitol Group employs claims professionals with years of experience working for insurance companies, and who handle actual claims files. This knowledge enables them to navigate through any claims situation at an extremely high level. The end result – lower claims and costs, which means quicker resolutions for clients.

    Litigation Management
    Understanding attorney protocol
    We enhance the vital relationships between clients, lawyers, independent adjusters and other professionals who assist claims professionals in the investigation, adjudication and resolution of litigated claims.

    Selecting a Medical Clinic
    Understanding the employee's specific needs
    Industry leading companies understand the importance of selecting an appropriate doctor and a specific examination. We offer comprehensive assistance in selecting the proper medical hospital or clinic and a preferred physician, according to an employee's needs, wishes and personal choice.

    Return-To-Work Programs / Modified Duty
    Safeguarding a speedy recovery
    Industry leading companies offer an effective return-to-work program that includes modified duty as part of their proactive cost containment. Our programs are efficient, timely, and appropriate. Professional help is immediately assembled upon notification of an injury, to ensure the employee has the best opportunity to recover and return to work.

    Fraud Detection Assistance
    Investigating and enforcing ethical measures
    The instances of insurance fraud are increasing at an alarming rate each year. This abuse impacts all areas of claims cost significantly. In response The Capitol Group can assist our clients with the warning signs to watch for. We also will coordinate with your carrier the referral to the Special Investigation Unit and follow up for appropriate action. A thorough investigation and tying down the facts can be a key in fraud investigation.

    Lawsuit and Tenders
    The claims professionals and our legal team work in conjunction to determine possible risk transfer. When a lawsuit is received, they collaborate to determine that all the proper parties are on notice of a loss. If, through review of the contracts, it appears the loss can be tendered to another party, The Capitol Group’s team will assist with that process. 
    • Loss Control
    • Claims
    • M&A

    • Remains current on all outstanding items
    • Pays legitimate claims quickly
    • Challenges questionable claims
    • Sets reserves properly

    Human Resource Consulting Services
    Managing Risk Associated with Your Employees

    Your "Part-Time HR Department"
    orget "do-it-yourself," It’s easier to outsource
    HR management grows more complex every year. As a result, it gets more difficult to focus on your core business when you are trying to master a variety of administrative HR tasks. How do you balance the bottom line with everything you have to do? You do not have to do everything yourself. Continue doing what you do best, and outsource the rest!

    Expert Training Services
    Be proactive ... not reactive!
    By providing employee and management training in areas such as Workplace Harassment, Workplace Violence, and Business Ethics, The Capitol Group can assist companies with managing these risks. Educating employees on a regular basis is a company’s first line of defense when employee relations issues arise.

    Customized Solutions
    Tailor-made products
    Since no two companies are the same, The Capitol Group's dedicated HR professionals work closely with each client to identify problems and deliver solutions relative to their unique concerns. Learning the intricacies of other company’s HR practices, including employee policies and employee relations, is a critical step for our experienced consultants.

    Human Resource Consulting
    Assess ... Develop ... Implement
    The Capitol Group's professional human resources consultants (PHR® and SPHR® certifications) work with organizations to assess, develop, and implement core human resource programs and policies to reduce risks associated with human resource practices liability.

    • Employee Handbook Review and Revision
    • Policy and Procedure Review
    • Comprehensive Assessments of HR Program
    • Management Training
    • Employee Training on various topics, including but not limited to Harassment, Workplace Violence, and Ethics
    • Job Task Analysis
    • Assist with Job Descriptions
    • Pre-Employment Strength Testing
    • Assist with Employee Relations issues

    Safety & Loss Control - Network Safety Consultants
    Safety Improves the Bottom Line

    Industry Experience
    Safety specialists with effective solutions
    Organizations have diverse and unique needs when it comes to safety and compliance programs. The Capitol Group features a staff of dedicated safety professionals with relevant, hands-on experience. Our consultants have degrees and certifications in occupational safety to ensure the quality and results of the services they provide.

    Focus on Results
    Delivering to your bottom line
    Our team of consultants help establish measurable goals and objectives for every client project or service provided. The client's success, measured in cost reduction and improved profitability, is how our safety consultants monitor and measure their progress, and yours.

    Service and Support
    Responding to your emergencies and urgent needs
    Safety and compliance issues require immediate response and the bench depth in our safety consulting group ensures the ability to provide an expert to assist with accident investigation, OSHA inspections, and DOT audits. Early intervention can help limit damage and costs associated with accidents and regulatory compliance.

    Safety Consulting
    The Capitol Group's Certified Safety Professionals (CSP®) and Specialists work with all levels of an organization to assess, develop and implement cost-effective solutions that help reduce costs and improve profitability.

    • Comprehensive Safety Program Assessments 
    • OSHA and DOT Compliance Assistance
    • Employee Safety Training
    • Management and Supervisor Safety Training
    • Safety Observations and Audits
    • Develop Employee and Supervisor Accountability Programs
    • Ergonomics Consulting
    • Industrial Hygiene Services
    • Assistance with Insurance Company Loss Control Recommendations

    Safety Training
    Comprehensive Safety Tips

    Safety / Loss Control
    The Capitol Group takes a different approach to safety and loss control. While insurance company representatives complete inspections and reports, and may even offer recommendations, their primary goal is to protect the insurer's assets. They rarely provide much in the way of ongoing support for the client.

    The Capitol Group's approach is entirely focused around the client.

    Pre-Employment Testing
    Avoid Hiring Workers' Compensation Claims

    Many companies and organizations face the potential of hiring employees who are not physically capable of performing the requirements of the job. Pre-employment strength testing is proven to substantially reduce the cost of Workers' Compensation claims by matching the physical capabilities of the job applicant with the physical demands of the job.

    This technology helps identify an applicant's lack of strength necessary to safely perform a job. In many cases, the lack of strength is because of previous injuries, or pre-existing conditions, that are likely to be aggravated by the physical demands of the job being offered.

    When testing the strength of applicants or employees, companies have traditionally used one of two methods: 

    • Develop a detailed description of job-related functions and ask the applicant whether he or she is capable of handling the tasks. This method depends entirely on the honesty and knowledge of the applicant in answering the question.

     • Develop a post-offer Functional Capacity Evaluation where “conditionally” hired applicants are required to simulate the job in the presence of trained physical therapists or medical personnel. This process can take hours to complete, is very subjective, has a rejection rate of 1% in a population of applicants tested, and can cause injury to the applicant resulting in a Workers' Compensation or liability claim.

    You now have the most effective and reliable option with a proven track record of preventing costly Workers' Compensation claims:

    Pre-employment strength testing, or isokinetic testing, is an absolutely objective test that verifies each applicant's ability to perform the demands of the job. A wealth of case law supports the use of isokinetic testing as a legal hiring tool.

    The typical rejection rate for more traditional and less effective applicant testing is 1%. The rejection rate for pre-employment strength testing is 16%. This means that 15% of applicants “unfit” for the job are missed by current testing standards. For some industries, The Capitol Group has seen rejection rates as high as 30%.

    • Pre-hire: All applicants hired to perform physically demanding work.

     • Post-injury Return-to-Work Evaluation: By testing employees before they return to work, the test will determine whether your employees are once again fit to perform their previous functions.

     • Determine Claim Legitimacy: When employees are tested prior to hire, post-injury tests can be compared against a baseline to determine actual extent, if any, of the injury. Additionally, the technology can identify when an employee is faking the extent of his or her injury.

    • The test takes approximately 15 minutes.

     • The machine will not allow individuals to push themselves harder than their bodies will allow. This eliminates the chance of over-exertion.

     • A member of Network Safety Consultants will administer the test and send results directly to you the very same day.

    Assessment & Review
    How Do You Compare to the Industry's Best?

    Learn From The Best
    Managing risk, reducing claims and purchasing insurance can be an intimidating task. Proper research and education prepares companies to select specific strategies that make them industry leaders. We have the knowledge and resources to implement the best practices that lead to safety, stability and future growth.

    How Do You Compare?
    An in-depth comparison
    When implementing a safety and risk management program, companies want to do more than just compare pricing structures. The Capitol Group develops ideas, tools, information and benchmark practices that ensure companies are getting the most for their investment.

    The Tools To Be Better
    Implementing the Action Plan
    Analyzing critical areas such as safety, claims advocacy and risk transfer help companies take control of their overall insurance program.

    Risk Management Audits
    A Thorough Identification and Categorization of Risk

    The first step in the audit process requires the extensive review of existing property and casualty policies, insurance claims and risk management programs. During this review, The Capitol Group undergoes a thorough analysis of your policies and insurance documentation in order to determine whether coverage is sufficient to protect organizational assets and mitigate catastrophic risk. Following this assessment, The Capitol Group simplifies its findings and presents them to company team members in a clear, digestible manner. Utilizing audit data, we are better able to:

     • Determine the role that insurance plays in achieving your business objectives

     • Identify areas where improper or inadequate insurance coverage is in place

     • Remarket insurance policies to reduce premiums and improve coverage

     • Assist with renegotiation of business-critical insurance programs

     • Prepare for mergers, acquisitions and operational changes

     • Conduct thorough analysis of insurance forms, terms, conditions and exclusions

     • Point out policy and binder strengths and weaknesses

     • Make risk recommendations to improve policies and safeguard assets

     • Utilize broker relationships and industry expertise to acquire competitive policy offerings

    During the insurance program audit process, our primary goal is to not only address the current risk management needs of your organization, but to create a framework that can be easily adapted for future expansions and unplanned external events.

    Coverage Reviews
    Implement Protocols, Procedures and Checklists to Eliminate Errors

    Exposure and Coverage Reviews
    A complete review ensuring accuracy
    Businesses have many complex exposures to address and hundreds of options to consider. It is important that the process be organized. We review a company's risk management profile by utilizing exposure and coverage review checklists to ensure effective analysis.

    Experience Rating and Modification Analysis
    Strategic analysis to locate errors
    Workers' Compensation premiums are adjusted according to claims and payroll history. Inadequate or incorrect information can cause errors in the promulgation of the experience modification factor. The Capitol Group reviews loss and payroll data to verify that the experience mod is accurate.

    Classification Analysis
    Eliminating problems before they arise
    The work description for each employee is an important factor when calculating Workers' Compensation premiums. Although all companies use a standard classification system, The Capitol Group provides tools and resources to eliminate errors before they occur.

    Mid-Year Review
    A check-up to stay on track
    Industry leaders stay in tune with the marketplace by scheduling a mid-year review. The purpose is to revisit the exposures associated with each business, as well as to solicit in-depth feedback regarding the overall service that The Capitol Group is providing.

    Benchmark Comparisons
    If you don't measure it, you can't change it! 
    A company's historical insurance data holds a wealth of information. We help companies interpret complex information and then compare their data to the current marketplace.

    Risk Transfer / Legal
    Balancing Appropriate Levels of Protection and Responsible Levels of Cost

    Ambitious Risk Transfer Strategy
    Clients move forward with confidence, awareness
    We offer companies a proactive risk transfer strategy. Our in-house attorney reviews insurance and indemnification provisions in contracts, leases and certificate of insurance requests, providing educated and qualified comments and recommendations. We can also perform an audit of your current contract review / certification collection process. 

    The Three Critical Objectives
    • Eliminate as many risks as possible
    • Transfer any risks that you can
    • Utilize the proper insurance forms

    Contract Review Services
    • Removal of unfavorable clauses or phrases that propose an additional risk to your company 
    • Comparison of your current policy language against the requirements of the contract 
    • Review of limits/endorsements to make sure they match the requirements of the contract 
    • Provide you with alternative coverage or quotes for any additional coverage needed 

    M&A Due Diligence
    We Strive to be a Quiet Partner in Your Success

    Our Approach
    We eliminate the element of surprise
    The Capitol Group believes in a consultative approach. We strive to thoroughly understand a company’s dynamics and perform a complete risk management audit. Only after this type of diagnosis can we provide thoughtful, solid recommendations that create confidence and comfort. 

    Our Analysis
    Accuracy that builds confidence
    Data drives our analysis. The Capitol Group receives data from both independent sources and directly from the client. Our goal is to establish a self-supporting foundation of information from which we can research and provide solutions. We ensure that all exposures are explained fully and evaluated properly, thus mitigating risk. 

    Our Conclusions
    We have you covered!
    Our conclusions and recommendations identify critical factors that can have a bearing on the valuation of a company. In many scenarios, it is the difference between a good deal and a deal that could turn unprofitable due to unforeseen liabilities.