M&A Due Diligence

We Strive to be a Quiet Partner in Your Success

Our Approach
We eliminate the element of surprise
The Capitol Group believes in a consultative approach. We strive to thoroughly understand a company’s dynamics and perform a complete risk management audit. Only after this type of diagnosis can we provide thoughtful, solid recommendations that create confidence and comfort. 

Our Analysis
Accuracy that builds confidence
Data drives our analysis. The Capitol Group receives data from both independent sources and directly from the client. Our goal is to establish a self-supporting foundation of information from which we can research and provide solutions. We ensure that all exposures are explained fully and evaluated properly, thus mitigating risk. 

Our Conclusions
We have you covered!
Our conclusions and recommendations identify critical factors that can have a bearing on the valuation of a company. In many scenarios, it is the difference between a good deal and a deal that could turn unprofitable due to unforeseen liabilities.