Dependent Auditing

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Studies show that between 5% and 10% of the spouses and children covered under your plans are not eligible to participate. Paying for ineligible dependents can be frustrating, especially when they cost over $2,000 per year each. Unfortunately, insurance carriers do not provide much assistance in this area. They focus mainly on over-age and full-time student status. This leaves employers on their own in ensuring their enrollment is eligible to participate on their plans.

The Affordable Care Act started a company trend to eliminate spousal coverage if available through his or her employer. Unless an employer has the resources in-house, enacting this cost cutting plan can be difficult. Dependent Eligibility Verification in its most simple terms is asking employees to provide documents validating that the spouses and children they are covering under their group benefits plans are actually eligible.

In simpler times, intact families made eligibility easy. However in today's society, it has become difficult to even determine if a dependent is eligible for coverage or not.