Protecting Your Health

Solutions to Keep You and Your Family Protected

As life takes unexpected turns, you can take comfort in knowing that there are solutions to keep you and your family members protected. Even expected changes sometimes lead you to question where to turn for proper insurance coverage. Here are just a few of life's situations where The Capitol Group will be there for you:

 • You are a new employee with a waiting period until your employee benefits coverage starts 

• You recently experienced a major life change, such as college graduation, divorce or job change, that affected your insurance coverage, 

• You are no longer eligible under your spouse's health plan 

• You are a seasonal or part-time employee and do not qualify for your company's Employee Benefit program 

• You are traveling outside of the United States and want to supplement your health insurance coverage 

• You are looking to secure additional coverage, above and beyond the coverage provided by your company

Health Coverage for Families and Individuals
• Major Medical 
• Dental 
• Vision 
• Short Term 
• Long Term Disability
• Long Term Care 
• Life Insurance 

Continuation Programs
• COBRA Alternatives 
• Job Transition Gaps
• Dependent Eligibility Loss

• Medicare Basic / Advantage / Part D 
• International Travel

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