Wellness Program

The Wellness Council of America estimates that with the combination of an effective worksite wellness program and an annual investment of $100-$150 per year will produce a return on investment of $300-$450.

Wellness Makes Perfect "Cents" for Several Reasons including:

Statistics show that companies with effective wellness programs can expect to:

• generate 20% more revenue per employee

• improve market value by 16%

• deliver 57% more in shareholder returns

(source: Staying @ work report: Building an Effective Health and Productivity Framework, Watson Wyatt, 2007.)

Wellness drives costs savings to:

• A three year study conducted at a health system in Minneapolis found that health risks decreased after the implementation of a comprehensive worksite wellness program. This led to increased savings due to reduced health care costs, absenteeism, and workers' compensation claims each year of the program.