The Capitol Group Risk Management System

The Comprehensive Safety Program that Works from the Inside Out

Go Beyond Conventional Risk Management To Create "A Culture Of Safety" 
There are many safety and loss control resources, but very few are designed to work seamlessly for every operation.

We Provide Everything You Need 
The Capitol Group has a library of loss control and safety content for fast access to everything you need, from training and safety programs, to audit tools and usage reports. It's organized in a way that's easy for everyone to use, with multiple levels of access control, whether your safety program is managed by a team or an individual.

Our program is unique in the industry. We can provide information in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point formats, making it easy to fully customize them to the specific needs of each operation of your organization.

Time Is Money And Safety Pays 
Business resources are being stretched further and further. Human Resources and Safety and Risk Managers are expected to not only to be productive, but efficient as well. Results are important, as is cost effectiveness. The Capitol Group can quickly move your team from set-up to results. Utilizing the web-based systems and documents that produce a culture of safety in your organization improves your risk management objectives from the ground up. Reducing your incidents and injuries provides immeasurable benefits to not only the morale of your organization but the bottom line as well. The primary goal for any risk management program is reduced injuries and improved profitability.

The Capitol Group System is a collection of tools and materials your organization needs to help you achieve that goal.