Communication & Administration

Communication is the Key to Satisfaction

The Website is a Resource
Promote and encourage its use
Providing an employee benefits website to help with the education of employers and employees is a powerful communication tool. An idle website is not enough; we create awareness and work to ensure that employees use the website to its full potential. A website increases plan participation by offering a comprehensive view of benefit plans and HR functions.



The Client Portal Community section lets The Capitol Group clients network with a vast, knowledgeable group of colleagues from all over the country, and share resources and information via the Community’s interactive forum; this allows you to post questions to peers and provide insight to other’s questions. Topics include Compensation, Employee Relations, HR Development, HR Management Topics, Recruitment, Risk Management, and Other. 

Collaboration Center
The Client Portal’s Collaboration Center allows a seamless exchange of information sharing from our agency to you. Accessible 24/7, postings from our agency are timely, relevant, and easy to locate in one convenient place online.

The Client Portal allows all The Capitol Group clients to participate in benefit plan surveys, allowing them to determine how their plans and programs compare to other employers across the U.S. The Client Portal also features several value-added services and resources for your human resources and benefits personnel. It facilitates efficient and easy communication with The Capitol Group and our clients, and provides a vast array of material regarding HR data, such as legislative information, employee communications, industry-related Web sites, and consumer-related information.

The Client Portal Resources supplies The Capitol Group clients with a variety of insurance, employee benefits, and human resources Web sites and articles, all in one convenient location.

Documents on Command
Documents on Command provides The Capitol Group clients with instant access to a library of downloadable articles, including categories such as Wellness Program Tools, Human Resources, Employer Education, Benefit Announcements, Employee Communication & Education, and Benchmark Surveys & Statistics.

Confidential Claims Assistance
Assuring employees of privacy and compliance
Since employers have personal liabilities from helping employees with a claim, this HIPAA Compliant Resource is a tool available for assisting with escalated claims. This resource is confidential and keeps all health issues private while providing the employee the assistance they require.

Assist New Hires and Spouses
New employee communication moves one step further
Successful companies work to attract and retain the best employees. As a result, it is important that newly-hired employees fully understand and maximize their benefits plan. We help by implementing a process that educates employees about their benefit options, and also invite and welcome spouses to engage in the process.

Employee Election Updates
Important task takes on higher priority
The task of updating employee dependent elections can become buried within a busy HR department. Therefore, we help administer these kinds of tasks, which improves HR’s productivity by allowing HR to focus on more critical tasks.

Quarterly Eligibility Audits
What are you paying for?
Are you paying for employees who are no longer in your workforce? A Quarterly Eligibility Audit is necessary to make sure you are not paying for coverage for employees who are not eligible, who have left the company or who have opted out of your company’s health plan. Our process creates a streamlined approach to ensure accuracy.

Paperless HR Operation
Automated environments provide rapid results
Do you desire a more streamlined and efficient HR department? Industry leading companies leverage our automation tools to help achieve this goal. For instance, a paperless environment leverages the automated process by integrating recruitment, enrollment and employee performance reviews to improve accuracy.

The Capitol Group is dedicated to helping you create and maintain a positive work environment by offering solutions for your organization’s human resource challenges. 

Our services include: 

    • Clarification and advice on compliance with laws governing employment such as FMLA, ADA, EEO 
    • Employee Handbooks and Policies 
    • Employee Communications 
    • HR Communications and HR Tools 
    • Benefit Statements 
    • A community of professionals to discuss your day-to-day human resource challenges 
    • Outsourced COBRA, FLMA, Flexible Benefits administration services 
    • Single eligibility management and consolidated billing systems 

Often it can be more difficult to deliver the message than it is to create it. We recognize that many employers are seeking a more effective and efficient means of communicating important information to their employees. Fortunately, newer, more efficient ways of communicating human resources and benefits information are becoming more prevalent every day. Technology-based systems are forging the way toward improved communications, increased productivity, streamlined processes, and saved money for many human resources and benefits departments. The Capitol Group is pleased to be able to offer you such a system.

HRconnection® is a complete online employee communication tool that lets employers manage and communicate important company information in one secure and convenient location. Through it, employees can access your company history and mission statement, employee handbook, human resources and benefits forms, an explanation of their benefit plans, rates and options along with their personal information, vacation tracking and online benefit election.