Employee Education

Help Employees Get the Most Out of Their Plan

Annual Benefit Statements
Understanding the company’s full investment
Successful companies deliver annual benefit statements to their employees. These statements illustrate the full value of the benefits received. We assist by providing easy-to-use software that allows employers to prepare statements quickly.

Open Enrollment Meetings
An open forum of communication
Maintaining successful relationships with your employees starts with effective communication. High functioning companies use open enrollment meetings as a forum to share all information relating to their benefit offerings. Our educational approach addresses all employee questions and concerns about their benefit plans.

24-Hour Nurse Hotline
Health education is a phone call away
Good health starts with asking questions and knowing where to go for the answers. We help educate employees about the 24-hour nurse hotline, a service providing toll-free access to a registered nurse 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. We provide this physician-approved service which is a reliable and caring source of health information, education and support.

Involve Spouses
Sending communication home
An important mission for the best companies is to keep their employees engaged, educated and informed about their benefits plan. Our hand-crafted approach includes inviting employees’ spouses into the enrollment process to teach them the value of the plan and to create more awareness about the full range of benefits available to their family.

Access to Health Resources
Living well means working well
Industry leading companies take initiative by providing vital education, skill-building tools and one-on-one support to help their employees make informed health decisions. Our approach gives employees access to health resources, which aids them in staying committed to wellness.

Carrier Resources
Tools to make better choices
Carriers have made significant upgrades in the tools offered to employees. Today, employees are finding that these carriers are true partners in helping them understand their benefit plan.