Health Group Captives

Health Care Reform will mitigate rising costs by bending the trend curve. Employers will continue to control their premiums by plan designs, risk prevention and purchasing methods. The Capitol Group has launched a new healthcare captive purchasing strategy that will allow businesses to control employee health benefit plan costs.

Healthcare captives can be used as a strategy for employers with 50 or greater full-time employees as a method to:

Cost Control Through Transparency
Captives provide transparency in claims and losses to the employer. This creates clarity on what is driving up their claims and costs.

Return on Investment for Premiums 
Employers that discover, correct and improve problems in their employees have the opportunity to recoup unused premiums invested in the employee benefits health plan.

Additional benefits include:
• Plan design flexibility 
• Ease of administration 
• Lower fixed costs 
• Retain carrier profit 
• Reduced State Premium Taxes (healthcare reform impact minimized) 
• Eliminate or reduce some of the state mandated benefits 
• Cash flow advantages, no pre-funding of self-insured claims 
• Remove their population from the fully insured carrier pools 
• Become one of the High Performing Group Medical Plans 
• Simple funding and bill system allowing Non-For-Profits to participate

If you are tired of being controlled by the insurance market pools and are looking for an alternative solution, call The Capitol Group, Toll-Free at (800) 527-0669.