International Insurance

Facilities Overseas Demand the Same High Quality Care as They Do in the United States

Team Building
The key to any program is having the right people
An important step is to first identify quality insurance brokers in non-U.S. countries who offer the same high-level of service as is customary in the U.S. The Capitol Group has access to more than 500 of the leading privately-held insurance brokers overseas.

Risk Assessment
Clearly identify the needs for locations around the world
For a multi-national, the intricacies of a comprehensive insurance program can be overwhelming. A thorough analysis of potential exposures is critical, along with developing strategies to address those needs. 

Local Insurance Placements
Keeping partners close provides valuable access
Working with local partners allows The Capitol Group the benefit of intimate market knowledge. This ensures access to financially- sound insurers, the most comprehensive coverages, and the highest level of service, in addition to competitive pricing. 

Clear Communication
Staying in the loop ensures long-term stability
Industry leaders utilize their home office to maintain control of all non-U.S. risk management programs. The proper use of non-U.S. brokers around the world, and establishing clear lines of communication are essential to ensuring long-term stability of the entire organization.

International Capabilities
Whether a company imports, exports or sets up physical operations overseas, new risks emerge that can potentially impact the entire organization. Often, it is left up to the foreign subsidiaries to secure their own insurance programs, which generally do not align with the risk management strategies of the parent company in the U.S. This can result in coverage gaps, inadequate policy limits and non-compliance with foreign laws. 

To address these risks, The Capitol Group’s International Practice provides global expertise to companies with complex needs and limited resources on a level historically only provided to the largest multi-national conglomerates. Our international capabilities and experiences ensure that your entire business is protected, wherever in the world you operate.