Risk Transfer / Legal

Balancing Appropriate Levels of Protection and Responsible Levels of Costs

    Ambitious Risk Transfer Strategy
    Clients move forward with confidence, awareness
    We offer companies a proactive risk transfer strategy. Our in-house attorney review insurance and indemnification provisions in contracts, leases and certificate of insurance requests, providing educated and qualified comments and recommendations. We can also perform an audit of your current contract review / certification collection process. 

    The Four Critical Objectives
    • Eliminate as many risks as possible
    • Transfer any risks that you can
    • Utilize the proper insurance forms
    • Utilize the proper insurance forms

    Contract Review Services
    • Removal of unfavorable clauses or phrases that propose an additional risk to your company 
    • Comparison of your current policy language against the requirements of the contract 
    • Review of limits/endorsements to make sure they match the requirements of the contract 
    • Provide you with alternative coverage or quotes for any additional coverage needed 

    Lawsuit and Tenders:
    The claims professionals and our legal team work in conjunction to determine possible risk transfer. When a lawsuit is received, they collaborate to determine that all the proper parties are on notice of a loss. If through review of the contracts it appears the loss can be tendered to another party, The Capitol Group’s team will assist with that process. Loss Control - Claims - M&A