Human Resource Consulting Services

Managing Risk Associated with Your Employees

    Your "Part-Time HR Department"
    Forget "do-it-yourself," It’s easier to outsource
    HR management grows more complex every year. As a result, it gets more difficult to focus on your core business when you are trying to master a variety of administrative HR tasks. How do you balance the bottom line with everything you have to do? You do not have to do everything yourself. Continue doing what you do best, and outsource the rest!

    Expert Training Services
    Be proactive ... not reactive!
    By providing employee and management training in areas such as Workplace Harassment, Workplace Violence, and Business Ethics, The Capitol Group can assist companies with managing these risks. Educating employees on a regular basis is a company’s first line of defense when employee relations issues arise.

    Customized Solutions
    Tailor-made products
    Since no two companies are the same, The Capitol Group's dedicated HR professionals work closely with each client to identify problems and deliver solutions relative to their unique concerns. Learning the intricacies of other company’s HR practices, including employee policies and employee relations, is a critical step for our experienced consultant.

    Human Resource Consulting
    Assess ... Develop ... Implement
    The Capitol Group's professional human resources consultants (PHR® and SPHR® certifications) work with organizations to assess, develop, and implement core human resource programs and policies to reduce risks associated with human resource practices liability.

    • Employee Handbook Review and Revision
    • Policy and Procedure Review
    • Comprehensive Assessments of HR Program
    • Management Training
    • Employee Training on various topics, including but not limited to Harassment, Workplace Violence, and Ethics
    • Job Task Analysis
    • Assist with Job Descriptions
    • Pre-Employment Strength Testing
    • Assist with Employee Relations issues