Benefits Plan Design

Meeting your Employee's Needs

A Multiple Plan Approach
Meeting the needs of today’s employee
Successful companies realize there is no way for one health benefit plan to best serve a diverse population. Our multiple plan approach offers a comprehensive array of core and voluntary programs to employees, allowing employers to extend choice to the member level meeting the needs of all employees. Multiple plans make it easier for your employees to select the most affordable option.

Consumer-Directed Strategies
Solutions for reducing healthcare spending

As life changes, many employees are seeking more control. Consumer-directed healthcare makes it possible to use funds in a health savings account (HSA) to pay for providers’ services, prescriptions and other covered out-of-pocket expenses until the insurance plan’s deductible is met. We have the expertise to help you build and implement a successful plan.

Help for Low-Wage Earners
High-level Participation = Retention Rewards
Industry leading companies recognize the need to retain the talent necessary for future growth. As a result, it is important to provide affordable benefit options. Through our approach, companies can leverage the entire employee base and not restrict benefits on the basis of eligibility alone.

Pre-Tax Savings
Recognizing an important pre-tax benefit
Because of continued increase in healthcare costs, employers are finding their expenses have grown. Section 125 Premium Only Plans (POP) reduces income tax liabilities for both the employer and employee. The ability to pay through payroll deduction reduces an employee’s overall benefit expense.

Retirees and Medicare Migration Strategy
Developing an easy transition
We help companies understand the advantages of offering a program benefiting retirees separately from the active employee population. To help create a comfortable transition for Medicare-eligible employees, we craft a voluntary communication strategy that best suits their needs.

Understanding Generic Drugs
Educating employees on savings and value
Knowing the facts about generic equivalents versus brand name medications arms employees with the right information and education resulting in lower costs. We offer a Generic Drug Outreach Program that illustrates the quality and advantages of generic-equivalent drugs.

Carrier Stability
The pain of change
Stability is important when choosing an insurance program. Today, insurance underwriters surcharge for groups that switch providers on a regular basis. Staying with one provider helps to achieve important data to help overall company growth.

Employee Assistance Programs
Promoting focus and productivity in the workplace
Successful companies provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) incorporating an ever-growing list of services that employees can access 24-hours. This concierge-type service helps employees focus at work resulting in higher productivity.