Safety & Loss Control - Network Safety Consultants

Safety Improves the Bottom Line

    Industry Experience
    Safety specialists with effective solutions
    Organizations have diverse and unique needs when it comes to safety and compliance programs. The Capitol Group features a staff of dedicated safety professionals with relevant, hands-on experience. Our consultants have degrees and certifications in occupational safety to ensure the quality and results of the services they provide.

    Focus on Results
    Delivering to your bottom line
    Our team of consultants help establish measurable goals and objectives for every client project or service provided. The client's success, measured in cost reduction and improved profitability, is how our safety consultants monitor and measure their progress, and yours.

    Service and Support
    Responding to your emergencies and urgent needs
    Safety and compliance issues require immediate response and the bench depth in our safety consulting group ensures the ability to provide an expert to assist with accident investigation, OSHA inspections, and DOT audits. Early intervention can help limit damage and costs associated with accidents and regulatory compliance.

    Safety Consulting
    The Capitol Group's Certified Safety Professionals (CSP®) and Specialists work with all levels of an organization to assess, develop and implement cost-effective solutions that help reduce costs and improve profitability.

    • Comprehensive Safety Program Assessments 
    • OSHA and DOT Compliance Assistance
    • Employee Safety Training
    • Management and Supervisor Safety Training
    • Safety Observations and Audits
    • Develop Employee and Supervisor Accountability Programs
    • Ergonomics Consulting
    • Industrial Hygiene Services
    • Assistance with Insurance Company Loss Control Recommendations