Planning, Design and Implementation of All-Inclusive Employee Benefits


Capitol Celebrates over 20 Years as Leaders in Providing Insurance Coverage


Capitol has been at the center of several identifiable mega-trends that have shaped the financial services and employee benefits industry. Over the years, recognizing the similarities between financial planning and employee benefits industries was paramount, and that a merger between both was inevitable, especially with the advent of the web becoming the primary exchange resource for massive amounts of information. This created an opportunity to provide neutral, trusted advice to serve the best interests of employers and employees that were going to need help navigating through the rapidly changing benefits environment.

By providing creative strategies and supportive technologies, Capitol has become one of the major channels in the trillion dollar group insurance industry. Capitol advisors understand unique needs. While remaining independent, Capitol works with a network of information-sharing resources, allowing employers access to much needed answers. By gaining knowledge and resources, Capitol finds sophisticated, cost-effective solutions while continuing to offer personal service.

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